Parent Advisory Committee

Parent Advisory Committee Mission

The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) is dedicated to our partnership with the Council for Union County Families in an effort to have Parent Voice & Choice represented in all aspects of community services and relationships.  The PAC will be involved in decision-making, will help assure the healthy development of families and children in Union county, and will be committed to creating an environment of safety, dignity, respect, and honesty.


PAC Goals 

  • To create a parent and family-centered environment which promotes the best possible behavioral & mental health outcomes for children and family members.

  • To enhance communication between family members and the community.

  • To identify and address parent, children, and family needs in all aspects (body, mind, spirit) throughout the family journey.

  • To promote the best possible emotional outcomes for parents, children, and families.

  • To empower parents to nurture and motivate their children and realize their potential.

  • To provide a network that supports families in their responsibility to build independent and successful lives for their children.

  • To mobilize community resources and create partnerships designed to improve wellness outcomes for families and children.

  • To increase the integration of community social services systems to better support families and children.

  • To strengthen families and the community by providing information, education, skills, and support.

PAC Member Duties / Responsibilities:

  • Participate in a minimum number of regular monthly meetings and other subcommittee meetings as needed.

  • Suggest ideas and agenda items, plan activities (fundraising, community projects, holiday events), outings, and other special projects.

  • Participate in leadership, teamwork, and advocacy training.

  • Represent the PAC to the community and help promote PAC activities.

  • Participate in fundraising activities on behalf of the PAC.

  • Help and implementations of any grant opportunities.

  • Respect and consider others' opinions.


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